The Internet has become the essential showcase for the new consumer, from the most compulsive to the most thoughtful, with online platforms where reviews are a beacon in the dead of night that forcefully attracts or repels the buyer, also when purchases are made in physical establishments.

Specifically, 70% of consumers are willing to spend more in physical establishments if they have seen positive reviews , and 47% value online reviews as a determining factor for the purchase, raising the figure to almost 60% for the most youths. Its impact is greater in women than in men. These are some of the conclusions of the report “Online reviews, the sales lever in post-covid retail”, prepared by Apache Digital, part of LLYC, and Appirio.

What Note Conditions Our Purchasing Power?

The objective of the study is to find the level of influence that reviews from other users have on online platforms in the purchase intention, average ticket and repurchase intention in retail.

For Jesús Moradillo , CEO and albania code number founder of Apache, “the opinion generated by users is a very powerful stimulus that must be taken care of and know how to take advantage of because it influences the consumer’s purchase decision, it is a third-party validation that impacts the cycle of customer life. The user has become a social buyer who validates his purchases with communities of users united by interests on the network, who in turn co-create reality based on the narrative that arises from shared experiences.

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Country Manager of Appinio

Livia Mirón , Country Manager of Appinio, anticipates. That “the study revealed that, in reality, although we assume that all reviews are important. The importance varies a lot according to the type of consumer and the sector. Therefore, understanding how they affect each target is key to extracting relevant learning; This data can help us improve the customer experience or even generate a better average score. Stand out from our competition. Knowing the impact of reviews not only has a differential effect on immediate sales. But in the medium and long term it is a very relevant factor in local SEO. And helps to improve conversion and reduce costs in marketing campaigns».

Beyond the popular knowledge that in a score out of 5 the higher it is. The better, the report estimates a positive rating from 3.97, and a negative rating from 2.31. But a good review not only encourages the “click”. These opinions influence both purchases in physical establishments and online. And this, after the new consumer. Who has left the pandemic, is an incentive that drives him to approach. Feel comfortable in the space of a lifetime.

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