Web of Science® are paid intranets aimed at scientific Cambodia WhatsApp Number List searches that allow supporting research through quality bibliographic sources and with a high level of citations, as well as allowing to recognize, limit and refine the search towards those scientific journals incorporating similar studies. Higher education institutions, especially universities, contract collective subscriptions Cambodia WhatsApp Number List of these services favoring the review of quality documents, surpassing the typical search in Google Scholar by containing multiple refining fields such as subject or topic, title, authors, name of the publication , Cambodia WhatsApp Number List DOI, language, type of document, ISSN, keywords, abstract, among others. The Scopus

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search system is classified into 27 main subject areas and Cambodia WhatsApp Number List specific categories, among which the area of ​​medicine stands out with 48 and social sciences with 23 specific categories. Within the advanced search, you can choose three alternatives, using the field code “Cambodia WhatsApp Number List “, where the 27 main subject areas are represented: In the first alternative, the abbreviation of the subject is simply added, while in the second, the main subject areas can be combined with the Boolean operators or (Cambodia WhatsApp Number List ), and (and), and not (and not), pre / (chaired by), w / (inside). Example: SUBJAREA

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Cambodia WhatsApp Number List the search for publications oriented to economy and energy is ordered. The third alternative is applied when the sample is excessively wide, refining with other descriptors such as affiliation Cambodia WhatsApp Number List words (KEY), abstract (ABS), etc. For its part, Web of Science® maintains 5 main subject areas: life sciences and biomedicine; physical sciences; technology, arts and humanities; and social sciences, from which Cambodia WhatsApp Number List categories emerge, where life sciences and biomedicine predominate with 75 categories. To access the specific search within this database, you also use the “advanced search” section where, unlike Scopus

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