Google Webmaster Tools is a tool provided by Google for free to its users with the aim of helping them to know how the search engine acts on their pages and thus improve the performance of the digital business on the Internet. Although it is not the only search engine that offers this type of tool, Bing and Yandex, in parallel, offer similar options in their own interfaces.

The purpose of search engines when offering this type of tools to the owners of a digital business or website is to correctly optimize the different aspects of the pages for this search engine. In fact, Google recommends improving the user experience on its own website , since its algorithm changes randomly and these tools help them focus on these changes.

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Have a deeper approach with this class of terms, since they have become essential within their functions. In addition, we must not forget that search engines have become the showcase of the digital age and in this field, Google is the jordan phone number lookup leader (the search engine most used by 90% of Spanish users). For this reason, more than ever we must see reality through the eyes of the technological giant, and for this we have to take into account five key aspects:

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Keywords: Allows you to improve how the pages of our website appear in the search results.
Traffic: Allows us to know what searches appear on our website in the search results, as well as the results that it reports to us and the links that it has indexed. Google Index: Reserved space to know what Google has indexed on our website to choose what can remain and what we want to eliminate. Tracking: With this section, we are aware of how Google tracks our site and its results. Security problems: Informs about possible inconveniences that may pose a risk to the visitors of your site.

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