Clear Channel Europe has presented its new value proposition at the Digital Enterprise Show 2021 (DES2021). It has done so through its Market Leader Southern Europe and CEO, Jordi Sáez , in the presentation ‘Creating the future of media: How a medium helps to improve society’.

At the beginning of his speech, Sáez shared an image of protest against outdoor advertising that has gone viral on social networks. He has served to make self-criticism because, as he has stated, the sector has not been able to convey to society what it truly contributes and hides behind a billboard or marquee poster.

Speech Continued with The Presentation

Of ‘Creating the future of media’ , Clear Channel Europe’s value proposition. This consists of the transformation of the company’s assets for the benefit of all the actors involved in the business. This evolution is made through Ghana WhatsApp Number List innovation and digital infrastructures based on data, but always being responsible from an environmental and social point of view.

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He also spoke about the corporate mission ‘A platform for brands & a platform for good’, which consists of offering a flexible, creative and responsible means for brands to achieve their goals. At the same time, it serves the municipalities and society and has a positive impact on its surroundings.

The corporate mission of Clear Channel Spain and what they can contribute to society
“Our corporate mission is two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Thanks to the advertising investment we can install 100% accessible canopies. And thanks to the fact that we have these well-maintained and well-located supports. The brands want to be in them”, assured Jordi Sáez.

The Intervention Has Continued with Another Reflection

On the commitment of companies and what they can contribute to society. In this sense, this is what the expert has said: «At Clear Channel we consider the city to be one more shareholder. Someone to whom we must be accountable. For example, here in Spain, 60% of our advertising income in urban furniture returns to the city. In the form of a direct canon to the municipalities or in the form of other types of investments that improve the lives of citizens.

“This is generally unknown. And is that every time an advertiser or a media agency decides to carry out an outdoor advertising campaign on urban furniture. They also make an investment in the city and society “, he continued explaining. Jordi Sáez has also given a brief overview of the services that a company. Like Clear Channel provides to cities and society. In addition, he has highlighted the numerous assignments of space, initiatives. And sponsorships to foundations, NGOs and causes related to sustainability.

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