add “informal credibility” to published material. Singapore Phone Number List Or as a service for the publisher. Editors like to show that the books or articles they publish are written by reputable people who have done research at a real university or social research organization, or are a legitimate, independent researcher. One of the forms that editors use is the biographical note, as a kind of guarantee, Singapore Phone Number List as a way of showing the origin of the text. Of course, thinking about the reader also tells us that there might Singapore Phone Number List be different biographical notes for different readers. Biological notes not only change over time by the author’s own Singapore Phone Number List development, they also change because different readers may be interested in

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different things and it may be important to highlight some things Singapore Phone Number List and not others. Although all the biographical notes of the same author can begin in the same way, with the name, what is there and what comes after varies. Although there is no recipe for writing the biographical notes, at least if I will finish with some elements that should not stop being expressed in them: name, Singapore Phone Number List maybe ratings if relevant and / or expected Current institutional affiliation if any and what is your job (what is the job you have done and what you are doing – research, teaching, administration, etc.) your doctoral research Singapore Phone Number List and its topic, along with where it was conducted, if so, your broader research interests.

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your previous professional history if relevant. a post, if there is more than Singapore Phone Number List one, please list the best one or both. (If this is your first post, don’t feel bad. We all have to start somewhere. And we all had a first post.) social networks Group that information into a few sentences and you’re Singapore Phone Number List done. Also, since the biographical note is just headlines, it doesn’t have to be long. It does not have to take up all the words. It is not all there is. It’s not all you’ve done. It is just a self portrait taken on a particular day to do a particular job. Collaborating with colleagues in the preparation of an investigation is a dynamic not without Singapore Phone Number List complications

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