published elements, including book chapters, reviews and scientific articles. v The advantages it has compared to other managers are: -Standardization of the editorial Mexico WhatsApp Number List management process: Regardless of the journal, maintaining the same “step-by-step” procedure both for sending manuscripts and for reviewing and editing them. -Intuitive location of its contents: Although Mexico WhatsApp Number List OJS allows the personalization of the web aesthetics by modifying the CSV files, the information displayed in the interface is very common and is clearly displayed in the same sections. -Download and free use: Mexico WhatsApp Number List OJS is software with an open source license, this means that the creators (Public Knowledge Project).

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admit the modification of the source code, an example of this is the Mexico WhatsApp Number List scientific journal in which the code has been modified source combining the OJS sections with the intranet Mexico WhatsApp Number List provided by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology. Complementarily, the fact of being a free platform allows to considerably reduce the operational costs of scientific journals, thus avoiding Mexico WhatsApp Number List charging readers and authors for their interaction. -Recognition in the academic environment: In particular, OJS has created a collaborative community based on forums, where editors, layout designers, reviewers, Mexico WhatsApp Number List proofreaders, authors and readers can issue suggestions,

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solve technical problems and even report fraudulent journals Mexico WhatsApp Number List that use the platform. -Power of indexing: OJS applies the OAI-PMH metadata protocol. In other words, the incorporation process of documents published in international repositories is simplified. Specifically, Mexico WhatsApp Number List , the bibliographic portal with the widest dissemination of Hispanic scientific literature in the social, legal and human sciences, collects and disseminates the data exposed in OJS through this protocol. The new version Mexico WhatsApp Number List , updated on March 15, 2017, is in the testing phase. From the author’s experience, submitting a Mexico WhatsApp Number List manuscript in OJS is extremely easy. You only need to follow the following 6 steps:

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