significance. Knowing what has been done before our research will help us in at least three aspects: – not to investigate a topic that has already been thoroughly investigated, New Zealand Email Database more easily structure our research idea and select the main perspective from which this will be approached . We will finish this section with the formulation of our objectives and / or research hypotheses . New Zealand Email Database Next, it will be necessary to carry out the research field work where we will have to take great care of New Zealand Email Database everything related to the be used and that later, in the scientific article, we will reflect in the Method section that will have to New Zealand Email Database contemplate three subsections: a) Sample (participants, subjects, etc.),

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number of people or research “entities” and their selection procedure b) New Zealand Email Database Instruments (material used), it must be taken into account that there must be a logical correspondence between the objectives and / or hypotheses raised and the methods, techniques and instruments designed to analyze the data, c) Procedure, where it must be described, in detail, the sequence of New Zealand Email Database actions that have been carried out, that is, how the instruments have been used on the selected sample. At the end of the previous step, we will find a new section, Results, in which we will answer the question what was found? In it we New Zealand Email Database will make a presentation of the results obtained, showing these

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without opinions or interpretations, in the most objective way possible. New Zealand Email Database Finally, we will move on to the Discussion section later., which will answer the question, what is the meaning of what I found? That is, we will make an interpretation of the results and their implications by comparing the results that we have obtained with the previous ones that we have found on the same New Zealand Email Database topic (which we exposed in the introductory section when we made the establishment of the state of the art), we therefore place the results of our research among the current ideas about the research (which will have New Zealand Email Database already been identified in the theoretical framework).

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