Want to earn a lot more money with just one sentence? That sounds too good to be true, but research shows that the But-You-Are-Free technique works. What are inspiring 404 pages you can learn from? And which privacy-friendly alternatives already exist for Google Analytics? You can read more about it in the top 10 most popular Frankwatching articles of February. 1. How to get more money in the drawer with one sentence By adding one sentence to your question, you can achieve much more results. Researchers found that out.

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Wendy Oude Veldhuis tells more about the But-You-Are-Free technique in this article. Image accompanying article about the BYAF method. 2. Oops, mistake! These are the 11 best examples of good 404 pages The 404 page is undeniably the Poland Phone Number that you as a website owner want to show your visitors the least often. Still, some websites prove that even a 404 page can be original, funny, and helpful. Many more funny and inspiring 404 pages are shared in the comments to this article. Use it to your advantage. Best 404 page ever 3. Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Google Discover What is Google Discover? What do you have to do to appear in it?

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And why is it important to pay attention to this application from Google? You will find answers to all your questions in this article. Google Discover Logo 4. 5 alternatives to Google Analytics (but GDPR-proof) Google Analytics is under the magnifying glass of European privacy watchdogs. It would not comply with the GDPR. Many marketers and website owners use Google Analytics to measure traffic to their websites and the success of their campaigns. Together with lawyer Charlotte Meindersma, I looked for a number of privacy-friendly alternatives.

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