Is your content marketing like spinach? In other words. Is your information healthy, but unappealing? Does it provide one of the Malta Phone Number five essential content vitamins (product information, customer faqs. How to’s, styling, and ratings and reviews) but still gets. Left untouched on marketers’ plates? If your content isn’t being consumed, the problem may. Be that your information isn’t visually appealing to your target audience. Humans are visual. We take in visual information 60,000 faster than text. In today’s connected world, your Malta Phone Number content marketing needs to stand out. Integrate your 360° branding, and be consumable. Across social media platforms and devices. All of these qualities are part of your visual content marketing strategy.

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There are plenty of ways to give your content marketing a makeover. Which you can explore in my new ebook with Marketo: let’s get visual! Visual! Here’s a Malta Phone Number sneak peek at some of the ways to make your “spinach” taste like chocolate cake: 1. Photos photographs can be used either unaltered or modified to augment. Your content. Since most mobile devices now come equipped. With easy-to-use cameras and Malta Phone Number image enhancement apps, anyone can quickly take, edit, and share photographs. Create social profiles on photo-sharing sites. Is your brand on Instagram? Take advantage of Instagram. Other photography-focused social media sites to engage followers and spotlight your brand. Add photos to your other social profiles.

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Facebook and Twitter will increase engagement and sharing. You can also engage proactively by re-sharing photographs posted to your followers.’ accounts be sure to Malta Phone Number ask first! Take a look at Marketo’s Facebook page to see social photo sharing in action. Use text to provide additional context. Don’t leave everything up to the caption it’s just as simple to add a few lines of text inside of a photo. This is particularly useful on Malta Phone Number visual sites like Pinterest. Where visitors are scrolling through hundreds of photos. Feature photos on your blog posts. A compelling photograph will draw readers in. Show your fun side with memes and photobombs. Try adding a funny caption to your photographs, especially if you can tap into a pre-existing meme search for “grumpy cat meme” or “willy Wonka meme” if you aren’t sure what we mean.

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