The rise of streaming and video-on-demand platforms has led to a disruption of audiovisual audiences in recent years, which makes it difficult to measure the number of viewers who consume the content distributed by these entities.

This new reality, which has had an impact on the advertising market, has highlighted the need to measure audiences objectively. Obtaining a real-time image of the reach of each released audiovisual content is essential to analyze the performance of the production, know the position in the market, satisfy the demands of the users and develop profitable services.

To this we must add that there is a great diversification of devices available for viewing content, such as smart televisions, smartphones, computers or tablets.

The Uoc Conducts Research to Find a More Effective Measurement System

Under this premise, a study carried out by researchers from the Open University of Catalonia (OUC) has analyzed the behavior and measurement Bhutan B2B list systems of the audiences of streaming platforms such as Netflix to establish a measurement model that, they say, is “more reliable”.

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“Currently, viewers can decide how, where and when to watch a series or a movie, so traditional audience measurement. Models are not capable of fully encompassing the new reality of consumption,” explains Elena Neira, lead author of this investigation.

Our Objective Is to Offer a Starting Point

“Our objective is to offer a starting point. Delve into the real share of online consumption within the framework of the structure of the system. As well as to offer certain certainty and valuable information not only for all the agents. But for the televisions themselves and for the creators themselves”, emphasizes the UOC researcher.

To analyze this new audiovisual ecosystem, the experts chose to evaluate the series. La casa de papel’ , since it allowed them to measure success through different channels. Such as traditional television and online and on-demand playback platforms.

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