If you finally write according to the rules at B1 level, a part of your target group still does not understand the text. That can only happen. If you write at B1 level, you have 80% of the population in the pocket. That’s a nice score, but about 20% (3.5 million people) don’t understand your text or forms (yet). Yet you can reach a large part (6%) of them if you know what to take into account. Which group am I talking about? In the Netherlands, 1.1 million people have a mild intellectual disability (LVB) or are mentally retarded. Their IQ is between 50 and 85.

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They simply participate in society and also use services in the (semi-) public sector, education or healthcare. Their limitation affects the processing of information. Compare it to a situation where you ask a question to a friendly Frenchman with your best ‘school French’. And then he starts India Phone Number at you at high speed. How nice would it be if the man stopped for a moment after each sentence? That gives you time to think about what exactly you have heard and how you can translate it. Then my comparison ends. Because for most people, a super-fast processing of the information arises – consciously or not – resulting in a conclusion or decision.

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This is not the case in people with MID. Not only do they think more slowly, they also have trouble associating and generalizing information. What seems logical to us, doesn’t have to be to them. Planning, solving problems: it is not easy for them. Lady raising 3 fingers for a text that is understandable. How do you reach these 1.1 million people with an MID? I share 3 tips. 1. Share the information in small steps Opt more often for a decision tree with a maximum of 3 options at a time instead of a large overview with all choices. And make sure that after each choice you have a new screen with the following choice.

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