Defensacentral, the sports information portal, with an audience of more than three million monthly users, today announces the integration of ID+, Zeotap ‘s universal ID solution . The new technology will allow you to optimize the management of your advertising inventory and increase your CPMs (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

The integration of ID+ will help Defensacentral in its strategy to maximize the value of its advertising inventory while protecting user privacy. With this decision, the sports news portal wants to ensure that.

The Integration of Id+ Will Help Defensacentral

ID+ was launched globally in 2020 following Google’s announcement that third-party cookies would be phased out in Chrome. In addition, ID+, as a universal ID, allows web users to be identified while respecting their privacy, while helping media to kenya phone number offer personalized content and advertising experiences.

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Independence. ID+ is not based on cookies, MAIDs ( Mobile advertising IDs ) or any other platform identifier. But is based on the transparent authentication of users through hashed offline identifiers. In addition, it is valid for all platforms and channels.

Simplicity. Media, brands and technology providers can implement ID+ through a few simple steps. In addition, it works both independently and with a layer of its own cookies. Interoperability. With all other digital IDs to maximize the reach of campaigns. Good legal practices. Each ID+ record has consent traceability, as well as data protection, for which it uses the tokenization or encryption process.

Preserve the Privacy of Its Readers

For Defensacentral it is essential to preserve the privacy of its readers while offering them the best possible content. And having tools like ID+ and the support of Zeotap provides them. With the necessary security to continue growing and improving their traffic and monetization.

On the other hand, Miguel Laguna , Director of Support Accounts in Spain. And LATAM of Zeotap, affirms that: “Defensacentral decision is another example. How the Spanish media are adapting to the changes that are taking place in the digital advertising industry. While respecting the privacy of users. We are proud to make this a reality by providing them with the necessary technology to do so and strengthening their position.”

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