The theme of the table took a turn towards a concept that the attendees had already commented on: fake news. From Iberdrola they point out that social networks are one of the scenarios most related to this type of false information and brands must be careful with the content they decide to relate to.

For her part, Marta Lucas points out that ” brands are not society’s agendas, but society demands this part from brands .” To which she adds the need for brands to be aware that they are part of society, although sometimes it is difficult to manage this reality.

The Representative of MSC Cruises

The representative of MSC Cruises has intervened at this point to include his vision from a tourism company: « The issue of control can reach a free business phone number Canada certain point. Then, in certain campaigns, you need to push your product through pressure, and in the end there comes a time when you need to control the content». In fact, Surace agrees that, despite not being a 100% secure environment, if it works for you, you have to stay there.

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Therefore, everything depends on the brand and the sector in which it operates, although if something is clear, it is what Morell commented: « We have to sell, but not at any price». Idea supported by Del Canto: “It’s about being clear about what our goal is .” He adds that in programmatic buying, you can control the content with just one filter.

Marín Adds the Little Confidence

To this context, Marín adds the little confidence of the agencies. When it comes to stopping this type of praxis: “ Many campaigns are not blocked for fear of losing coverage. They discover that they fail in certain spaces that are not suitable for the brand, according to the criteria of the brand, but they are still there, which is a mistake.”

Morell, for his part, trusts programmatic, since he agrees that saturation is ineffective. Contrary to Surace, who continues in the line of his commitment to the context: «For me it is important to be sure that that client listens to you because of the type of content. That is essential.”

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