I’d inking to show it to you sometime and see if it can help you organize your stuff.” Although the message is longer. it must be understood that instead of just talking to someone. a connection is being generated through a shared experience. People are much more likely to buy if they understand how the product or service will make a difference to them. Adopt the “KISS” principle The KISS principle is not something related to the band of the 70s or to kisses… It is an acronym that makes up the English phrase “Keep It Simple Stupid” or I keep it simply and stupid. due to its translation into Spanish. In the field of marketing. it is a principle that can be of great help and is worth remembering.

And. as the source points out. many of us have a tendency to overcomplicate things. which can be discouraging. In the case of marketing actions undertaken for brands. leveraging KISS implies. as a first step. for example. eliminating all jargon. shortening sentences and keeping jokes and metaphors to the minimum possible level. While puns can make marketing messages fun. it’s important to remember that people are better able to remember simple. direct messages. Focus on them. not the brand Paying attention to this principle is important. especially for new brands or businesses. This is because the people behind are dominated by the well-known impostor syndrome.

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They feel insecure about them and their work Japan whatsapp number list they tend to focus on their credentials and those of the product in an effort to prove their credibility. However. doing this is something that tends to end badly. This is due to a truth that the source highlights: people are not interested in you. they are interested in them. Your CV may be impressive. but it won’t necessarily help someone. In this sense. brand messages should focus on the things that consumers show concern about. that is. their challenges and pain points. It is only when they understand how the brand or a professional can make their lives better that they will begin to have regard for those brands or people. Branding equals consistency Regarding this fourth principle. for brands and marketers it is important to understand that aspects such as the logo.

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Brand colors. tone of voice and everything in marketing must be consistent. The goal is that when they rent they see a brand logo and instantly remember who they are and what they do. This is an aspect that can only be achieved through consistency. Think about the brands you know. surely with their logo you can know who they are and what they do. However. if a business may never achieve the iconic status of the likes of Nike or Apple. Consistency can make a world of difference for businesses of all sizes. And even with items that might be tiny. for example. . business cards for executives. Although the people who receive them may not remember the executive as such. the card can help provoke memory.

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Something that would not happen if the business changes its design from one day to the next. Brands are built through consistency. check your work Finally. Obvious as it may sound. it’s important to check things out with things like messaging. This is an important task to accomplish before sending them to the public. In addition. it is a principle that applies to on social networks or on a blog. etc. Consider how people will feel if they click on a social media. Link only to end up on a page that doesn’t work or contains nothing. This can be a total disappointment for them. Not only because they didn’t see the information they wanted. But they also started to wonder how competent the company is. Don’t let your marketing efforts be ruined by mistakes.

Sometimes. plain and simple. free of complex gadgetry. is often the best tool for communication. marketing and advertising. That reminds us of the KISS method. an acronym in English for the phrase: Keep It Simple. Stupid! This method reminds us that simple and clear resources. most of the time. Are the ones that have the most impact on the audience. And all this can be applied to all areas of your communication. marketing and advertising strategies. Take into account that today the consumer does not have the time to dwell on long or complicated messages. Today communication has to be creative. of course.

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