The pandemic has meant , according to the latest IAB Spain report, a slight decrease of 3.8% in advertising investment in digital media in Spain. However , the global figure again exceeded 3,000 million euros to reach 3,029.5 million. In addition, a growth in digital advertising investment of between 5% and 8% is estimated for this year.

And among the formats, video will continue to be one of the ones that attracts the most investment. In this sense, there are also the Statista forecasts, according to which it will reach 600 million in 2023. With these good prospects flashtalking , server The world’s leading independent digital advertising company has launched a Guide so that brands can get the most out of their video campaigns in the current digital scenario and adapt to the new purchasing habits and lifestyle of consumers.

DIfferent Devices by Consumers

By way of introduction, the Guide alludes to the great fragmentation that exists today as a result of the proliferation in the use of different devices by consumers, as well as their greater use for the consumption of content and all kinds of Latvia B2B list activities related to our day to day, work and leisure. In addition, brands are encouraged to develop multi-device strategies for their digital video campaigns given their high impact, in video format.

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Below are some good practices to optimize investments with campaigns of these characteristics. The allocation of the advertising budget begins by analyzing those environments in which you can get the most out of it. In the case of medium-sized brands or those aimed at a young audience. Video campaigns are the best investment, due to the use they make of social networks and mobile devices. Where this format is very effective.

Put the Focus on The Content

Along with this, advertisers have to keep in mind that they not only have to work under the premise of 30-second video ads, but also prioritize content and then make length adjustments according to distribution channels. In such a way that they can benefit from all the options that this format allows. Thus, they can launch five-second ads on social networks or longer in the case of natives.

Speed ​​up the process

It is estimate that 84% of consumers are move by video ad content to make purchases. That’s why it’s increasingly important to give creative teams weight. Early in the planning process to streamline media-side operations as well as ad personalization options. This helps to improve the results of video campaigns. At the same time, and following the premise of streamlining the process , advertisers are recommended to use technologies. Such as Campaign Manager that help reduce campaign traffic management time thanks to their automation.

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