Mayer’s name was loud among the candidates to succeed Bog Iger at the head of the entertainment giant. but it was Bob Chapek who ultimately won the job. Before working for Disney. Mayer was part of companies such as iHeartMedia and LEK Consulting. where he held important positions of responsibility. In 2005 he came to The Walt Disney Company. where he would end up working for the next 15 years of his life before he left to get to TikTok. in which his stage was brief. Here are the facts that marketers. advertisers. and media must master before starting this Thursday: AT&T This week the ranking “The 100 companies and the 100 leaders with the best reputation in Mexico” was published.

Carried out by Merco (Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation). of which it is highlighted that Mónica Aspe. Interim CEO of AT&T in Mexico. was recognized as one of the leaders with the best reputation. “It is a pride to be part of a company with the ability and vision to create a culture where diversity is effectively promoted. From my position. I have the commitment to continue contributing to closing different gaps”. commented Aspe. Unilever Speaking of the ranking “The 100 companies and the 100 leaders with the best reputation in Mexico”. carried out by Merco. Unilever Mexico was also considered the leader in the “Mass Consumption” category in the eighth edition of the reputational ranking.

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For us. sustainability dictates the path to follow Malta whatsapp number list  through our corporate practices. where diversity and inclusion. female empowerment. environmental protection. health. well-being and quality of life are printed in everything we do.” she commented. Reginaldo Ecclissato president of Unilever North of Latin America. Spotify In the future. the streaming audio content platform could compete with Tiktmaster. This is because on Wednesday it emerged that Spotify is working on a feature to discover and buy tickets for virtual artist events such as live concerts. According to CNet. Spotify has offered artist event listings and ticket sales as part of its effort to help the industry connect with fans.

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Facebook For a few months. the one in Park has been trying to prepare its platforms to compete with Zoom. Well. the firm launched this week a new and more complete interface to create rooms within Messenger Rooms and thereby create a better experience for video calls. According to media reports like Engadget. the updated user interface allows you to customize them with an activity name. you can even choose the one the app suggests if you don’t want to think of one. Snap The ephemeral message app seeks to grow and for this it has set its sights on Mexico.

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Snap announced on Wednesday an alliance with Adglow – paid social media. As its main strategic partner to operate the platform to drive innovation. With the aim of attracting more Mexican users to exploit augmented reality. We have focused on reinventing our camera. which has allowed us to grow 30% of active users in the last six months. Exceeding 15 million people who use the application per month”. said André Joel. Director of Latin America by Snap Inc. Since the pandemic began. I have attended more than 50 webinars of different types. And I have been invite to approximately 100. With this. what I want to tell you is that today the only. Tool that marketers are using are webinars or sessions in line.

However. I believe that we have already saturated the market with this modality and. It is time to turn the ways of reaching potential customers. Dear colleagues. we have to be that the times we are living in force us to unlearn and learn. However I see that many collaborators have not fallen for the twenty that it is now or ever. Today more than in another time there are many courses available to learn new. Techniques and new platforms to interact with our potential customers. Rualdo Anzueto says that: “it is very difficult to learn something new. When you do things alone and pretending that they are perfect from the first time. It is easier to learn something new when we are willing to make mistakes.

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