Zoom The video conferencing platform published the financial results corresponding to its second fiscal quarter of the year. Revealing numbers that have surprised locals and strangers. Although it has been warned for months about the exponential and accelerated growth of the platform. It is still striking that it reported revenues of 663.5 million dollars. Which represented a growth of 355 percent compared to last year. Zoom said it averaged 148.4 million monthly active users during the quarter. up 4.700 percent from last year. Its results have had an immediate impact on the stock markets. The day on Monday closed with gains of 8.63 percent. But in after-hours operations they have shot up more than 24 percent.

The passage of time has generated different changes in marketing. For example. the digital section has gained more participation and new dynamics and constant modifications have emerged. As well as strategies that can be difficult to keep up with. However. there are aspects that do not change. Aspects that can be considered principles that guide good marketing and that professionals can always leverage for the benefit of their efforts. This time we will see 5 of them that you cannot lose sight of. According to Nicole Krug. In a contribution for Business2Community . these are the marketing principles that are here to stay. that is.

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Which can always be used for the benefit Kuwait whatsapp number list brands: listen to the need According to the source. To implement this principle. It is important to understand that before starting to talk about what can be done for consumers. it is necessary to take time to listen. If the person being spoken to does not have a need that the brand can fill. Then sharing information will not help. in fact it will feel like an aggressive action. On the other hand. if someone is given the opportunity to speak. They will give these that the brand can use to show how their products or services can help. Think of things like this… If someone says. “My product can save you time and money.” This might sound like a great value offer.

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But it’s too general and doesn’t address any specific needs. Instead. if you think about the phrase: “You said you had trouble keeping up with all the projects your team is working on. I totally understand this. and I went through the same thing and therefore created this product. I’d inking to show it to you sometime and see if it can help you organize your stuff.” Although the message is longer. it must be understood that instead of just talking to someone. A connection is being generated through a shared experience. People are much more likely to buy if they understand how the product or service will make a difference to them. Adopt the “KISS” principle The KISS principle is not something related to the band of the 70s or to kisses…

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It is an acronym that makes up the English phrase “Keep It Simple Stupid” or I keep it simply and stupid. Due to its translation into Spanish. In the field of marketing. it is a principle that can be of great help and is worth remembering. And. as the source points out. many of us have a tendency to overcomplicate things. which can be discouraging. In the case of marketing actions undertaken for brands. leveraging KISS implies. as a first step. for example. Eliminating all jargon. shortening sentences and keeping jokes and metaphors to the minimum possible level. While puns can make marketing messages fun. It’s important to remember that people are better able to remember simple. direct messages.

Focus on them. not the brand Paying attention to this principle is important. Especially for new brands or businesses. This is because the people behind are dominated by the well-known impostor syndrome. They feel insecure about them and their work so they tend to focus on their credentials and those of the product in an effort to prove their credibility. However. doing this is something that tends to end badly. This is due to a truth that the source highlights: people are not interested in you.They are interested in them. Your CV may be impressive. But it won’t necessarily help someone.

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