When in fact he was mentioning a stanza of a song by Litto Nebbia. “Octavio Paz once wrote that the Mexicans came from the Indians. the Brazilians came from the jungle. but we Argentines came from the ships . They were ships that came from Europe.” said the Argentine president at the official ceremony that was held at the Casa Rosada. The phrase. loaded with controversy due to the fact that immigration occurred not only to Argentina. but to all of America. including Mexico and Brazil. was misappropriated by the President. That stanza is part of the lyrics of the song “We arrived from the boats” by the Argentine rocker. a friend of Alberto. who also declared himself a fan of his work.

It is not. then. a quote from the Mexican poet and essayist. winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The phrase attributed to Paz actually says that ” Mexicans descend from the Aztecs. Peruvians from the Incas. and Argentines from ships .” That he actually tries to enhance the idiosyncrasy of sister countries like Mexico and Peru. Of offenses and memes: the reactions on Twitter The misused phrase. in addition to multiple jokes. generated indignation. not only from Mexicans and/or Brazilians. but from the Argentines themselves who claimed not to share the point of view of the Argentine president. The importance of public image In politics. the image is a resource. an instrument. a tool. a process and a method to access power; to compete for it; to exercise it and to preserve it.

It Is Also A Time For Solidarity

As a resource. instrument and tool. the political Czech republic whatsapp number list  must be used in a strategic. timely and efficient manner. The quality of it depends precisely on the power it can generate. that is. on the influence. leadership. dominance. privileges. distinctions. opportunities and loyal followers it produces. In short. the political image is a set of messages that can be communicated and that. when perceived in a positive way. allow the political actor to define and guide the perception of a target audience . as well as distinguish and position themselves with respect to their competitors. But for Fernández. it seems that the positive side of his comment was lost between the misattributed phrases and his erroneous attempts at apology.


Adame is linked to the process for omissions to the SAT Macron’s presidential photo. Is the best public image lesson you can learn right now Currently. The Backyardigans have become a musical group that impacted social networks. something very noticeable unless. You live in a world away from TikTok. which undoubtedly surprised millions because. Its last season came out in 2010 and since then They had kept a low profile. However. The Backyardigans made their triumphant return thanks to TikTok videos. Which used some of their musical themes to set their recordings and even made “Castaway” one of the most listened to songs on streaming platforms such as Spotify. which which undoubtedly speaks well of Nickelodeon’s production and whoever is behind their songs.

That In These Difficult

The background The Backyardigans is an animate series aim at children. Which had its first appearance in November 2004. thanks to its creator. Janice Burgess and the co-production of Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Nelvana Limited. Being a children’s program. It could be consider that it has a simple plot: a group of five friends (Uniqua. Pablo. Tyrone. Tasha and Austin) who meet in the patio of their house to play and imagine. Adventures in which they learn the importance of teamwork. Friendship. and other values that help in the development of the audience. Also relying on musical themes in each episode to draw the attention of the public. Almost 11 years ago. in countries like the United States. Mexico. among others. The success And suddenly.

15 years after its release. a Backyardigans song took the internet by storm thanks to two factors. Nostalgia and social marketing that worked organically within Gen Z. As well as other audiences. According to BuzzFeed . It all started with 19-year-old Merlysha Pierre. who started posting videos on TikTok about. The Backyardigans because she wanted younger kids to know about the show and its songs. Hence “Castaways.” a track with a smooth bossa beat. -nova. Stood out from the more than 300 songs that were perform in the show and inspire new content creators. Launching new versions in different genres and original choreographies. On YouTube.

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