The article must respond to topics of interest that may be significant, to Chad Email List which the research carried out provides notable, original and novel results. And ultimately, sometimes you have to answer a certain call / call, or stick to the magazine’s approach. Accurate, up-to-date and diverse references. Any study must be consistent in terms of reviewing the state of the art, antecedents Chad Email List and timeliness of the selected topics, taking care of the biases in the citations. For this reason, it is recommended to attend to references of universal scope and of all trends and / or schools, use between 40-45 depending on the nature of the work (theme, focus …), include DOI … Structure. According to the journal to which the Chad Email List manuscript will be sent, the indications specified in its regulations regarding the composition,

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focus, extension, keywords, abstract, body of the text, figures and tables, Chad Email List ., must be followed. When articles that do not comply with the regulations are received, for the editorial board it is a bad indicator, as it shows that the journal to which the manuscript is sent has not Chad Email List been considered or read. Writing. Written expression is of vital importance. The language used for writing must be careful, concise, and clear. Ideas must be presented with precise and consistent arguments, avoiding unnecessary detours, filling or duplication of information. And even more so if it is written in the mother tongue and Chad Email List then it will be subjected to a translation. A bad translation leads to a logical rejection.

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Magazine Reading articles in scientific journals is Chad Email List the best way to learn to write a good scientific text. Especially because of what it implies in the knowledge of the regulations, parameters and general criteria for publication, in addition to the specific content of the Chad Email List ​contributions. The appropriate choice of publication, to which you want to refer the contribution, will depend on factors such as the focus, the topic and the level of the results of the work. Depending on the consistency and importance Chad Email List ​of the study (research approach, topic, sample, volume of data, significant results,…),

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