Does not seem so far-fetched. that is the new pair between streaming and advertising. According to a study carried out in the United States by the consulting firm PwC . in 2020 viewers spent 62 percent of their time on streaming video services supported by subscription models (and therefore safe from the clutches of advertising). Only 32 percent of viewer time was actually gobbled up by ad-supported streaming video platforms. But why is there such a deep gap between one type of streaming video platform and another? It seems that the answer to this question goes far beyond people’s preference for watching series and movies without awkward commercial breaks.

Streaming and advertising are positioned as shop windows With the exception of Hulu. Which amalgamates the paid subscription model with advertising and enjoys a lot of prestige across the pond. the most popular streaming video services are 100% unaware of the yoke of advertising. 00:05 / 00:20 Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have traditionally dominated the streaming market. Although in recent times they have also competed with newer platforms such as Disney+ and HBO Max. Even so. In recent times not a few streaming video platforms supported by advertising have seen the light of day. In July of last year NCB Universal launched Peacock in the United States.

Listen To Them And Understand

In January of this year. Discovery went Cyprus whatsapp number list  the hook with Discovery+. And HBO Max and Paramount+ will soon add ad-supported versions to their respective services. The good news is that. according to the study by The Trade Desk. the subscribers of the streaming services surveyed show a greater acceptance of advertising . As long as they can enjoy cheaper or even free content. In response to “If my streaming subscription were cheaper or free. would I tolerate advertising”. 29% stated “yes”. 25% “rather yes”. another 25% “rather no” and 20% answer “no”. This data confirms the trend that Next Media and Statista. Among others. have identified for advertising and paid streaming services.


Therefore. The relevance of the content plays an important role: this has an effect on the willingness to pay. as well as the acceptance of advertising. “In fact. most consumers in Germany accept ads when they see cheaper or free exclusive content. Means that they do not want to avoid advertising. but value content that is unique to them.” say the specialists in the field. Now read: Alliance between Televisa and Amazon. are we facing the last days of Blim? Hope for live music festivals; while Spotify raises its prices For 60 pesos: Amazon Prime wins with the premiere of the Justice League Snyder Cut During a summit with his Spanish counterpart. Alberto Fernández wanted to refer to a writing by Octavio Paz on immigration in Latin America; however. He ended up referencing a song. The comments were not well received on social networks like Twitter. for example.

Their True Wants, Needs

The president also incorrectly attributed the phrase to Octavio Paz. a Mexican poet who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Some Twitter users have called it derogatory in intent and inciting xenophobia. A comment in which he erroneously quotes Octavio Paz and confuses him with an Argentine singer Litto Nebbia has put in check the entire image of Argentine President Alberto Fernández. in the middle of a speech before the arrival of his Spanish namesake. the president spoke about Europe’s economic investment in his country and attributed that the good relationship between the old continent and Argentina has to do with the ancestry of some nations. for which he explained that “Mexicans come from the Indians. Brazilians came from the jungle and the Argentines from the European ships”.

the comment left much to be desired and generated all kinds of comments on social networks; from the typical jokes in the form of a meme. to those who. in a more serious tone. found it derogatory and that he calls xenophobia. In any case. who heads the Casa Rosada of Argentina. came out as soon as possible to ensure that he has “nothing against the Indians and even has a friend who is”. referring to Evo Morales from Bolivia. with whom he has had a friendly relationship since long time. However. his statement seems to have aggravated the situation for not having been careful with his words and targeting his image and political reputation. On Twitter they did not forgive the Argentine president President Alberto Fernández made a striking mistake in a press conference that he gave together with the President of the Government of Spain. Pedro Sánchez.

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