we will have to carefully read the regulations of the journal, attending to all the Cameroon Email List requirements established by the publication to adapt our proposal and that it complies with all the guidelines. First, we will have to check which are the prescriptive files that have to be sent, which usually refer, on the one hand, to the letter of presentation of the article, where all the identifying data of Cameroon Email List the authors, the declaration of originality will be included. and compliance with the code of ethics and, on the other hand, with the article, which must attend to the formal aspects indicated in the regulations. Among these general aspects we could highlight the use of a template, the structuring based on the contents proposed by Cameroon Email List the journal or the need to anonymize the file. Likewise,

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it will be necessary to carefully review the standards related to references, in Cameroon Email List order to meet the criteria set by the publication. In this way, it will be necessary to adapt both the citations and the list of references to the style imposed by the journal (APA, Vancouver, Harvard Cameroon Email List and add the DOIs or web addresses in the cited publications. It is recommended to include up-to-date references and consult national and international high-impact journals. Finally, other types of formal aspects related to typography, numbering or the use of bold or underlined must be taken into account. In addition, the Cameroon Email List requirements regarding the incorporation of figures and tables, as well as complementary material,

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will have to be verified. Once the document has been adapted and prepared to Cameroon Email List the regulations of the journal, we will proceed to carry out the last preliminary check by means of a final self-review of the manuscript, which will allow us to verify that we are Cameroon Email List indeed ready to begin with the submission. For this, the corresponding author must send the prescriptive files following the indications of the selected publication and using the journal’s system or web platform in a prescriptive manner. In Cameroon Email List this sense, the stipulated procedure must be strictly followed, which usually includes the following phases:

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