we keep in mind the following guidelines: Learn to identify Guatemala Email List primary and secondary sources. On secondary works, try to locate the original source to read and analyze the Guatemala Email List data without interpretation or intermediaries. Use secondary sources only when the original cannot be accessed, when resources are limited, or when the source is reliable. Cohesion and coherence in the scientific article Guatemala Email List Delgado | September . In previous posts, we have been talking about how to adapt the article to the context in which the publication is to be made, specifically, to the scientific journal and its regulations. Guatemala Email List However, adequacy is only one of the three textual properties that should guide the writing process.

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The other two, and no less important, are coherence and cohesion . Guatemala Email List The consistency can conceive the text as a unit of meaning, so that the various parts are related to the topic or main idea and the reader can understand the overall meaning. To achieve a coherent text we must take into account the following aspects: The main topic of the article develops without Guatemala Email List contradictions or repetitions of the information provided. An adequate selection of information must be made (neither scarce nor excessive) and the ideas must be arranged in a logical manner. Bear in mind the knowledge shared by the Guatemala Email List sender and the recipient, both of the world and the context of the speech,

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in this way important information will not be elided or taken for granted. Guatemala Email List In addition to this, to achieve a coherent text , cohesion must be taken into account , understood as the way to unite or relate the different statements or paragraphs. Among the main cohesion mechanisms we highlight: Maintaining the referent throughout the text. To maintain the Guatemala Email List referent of the text, you can use exact repetition (which would lead to redundancy), use a textual synonym or replace it with pronouns. The important thing is to keep in mind that if we move away from the reference we must recover it to prevent the reader from Guatemala Email List losing the thread of the information. Ellipsis or omission.

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