the final product and, ultimately, the name and reputation of the researchers who publish in they. Finally, there are congresses that are held in paradisiacal enclaves, in Brazil Email List  such a way that researchers take advantage of it to do academic tourism. Although we are not going to deny here the suitability of combining the scientific agenda with the social agenda, even for networking This type of meeting must be reviewed twice according to their trajectory, reputation, Brazil Email List members of the scientific committee and institutional endorsements. Here it is necessary to remember that the effectiveness of the participation in the congresses is not measured in the photos that we publish in the framework of the Brazil Email List same, but in the annotations in the notebook, the research ideas,

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the dissemination of our studies and the new contacts that we manage to do, even more so when the resources we use to attend are from a University, research project or the State. Tweet Brazil Email List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Make a new submission: The first phase Brazil Email List of a publication Monica Bonilla-del-Rio | April 19 2021 Once the research has been developed and the writing of the manuscript is finished, if it has not been done previously, the journal to Brazil Email List which the contribution will be sent must be selected. In this case, it is vitally important to take into account the focus,

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scope and theme of the journal, in order to choose a publication that Brazil Email List fits with the study we have prepared. Previously, in another post from the School of Authors, a series of clues have been listed to make a coherent and correct selection of a publication for the submission of our article. In this sense, prior to submission, we must verify that indeed our proposal Brazil Email List is in accordance with the objective and the types of contributions accepted by the journal, by thoroughly consulting its website and reviewing Brazil Email List some of its latest published articles. After this selection we can proceed rigorously with the preparation of the shipment. In this way, before the complete submission of the manuscript,

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