ournal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), The Lancet, Czech Republic Email List British Medical Journal, Science, Nature, Radiology, and those belonging to mega publishers such as IEEE, MDPI or Emerald, demand that it be declared expressly in the manuscript the contribution of Czech Republic Email List each author, which seeks to eliminate the dictatorship of the absolute position and relativize the weight of each authorship. Likewise, some evaluation and accreditation agencies (such as CONACYT in Mexico or Czech Republic Email List ANECA in Spain) are evaluating – although not equally, dixit – the figure of the corresponding author, which in some way could create a virtual “second first author” . It is unlikely that in the near future a definitive solution to the Czech Republic Email List controversies of the order of signatures will be found,

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even more so when their conventions are so different in each disciplinary ecology and geographical border. Determining the relative importance of each person’s Czech Republic Email List contribution to the research will continue to be a matter of subjective judgment and negotiated between the authors, perhaps for meritocratic reasons, solidarity, or imposition. registration or login to the platform, access to the profile, making a new submission, introduction of metadata, selection and upload of documents and shipping confirmation. Tweet Czech Republic Email List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Comments Notice for authors, editors, readersCzech Republic Email List and, above all, Agency evaluators !! Tweet Compartir Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-

Czech Republic Email List

Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Czech Republic Email List O identification for researchers Patricia de-Casas-Moreno | January 11 2021 Anyone engaged in research and academia must distinguish their research activities from those of other peers with similar names. Visibility in this context is very important through workflows, study profiles, manuscript Czech Republic Email List presentations, among others. In this sense, ORCID arises , an open, non-profit and community system, which offers a single registry for researchers through the Network. This platform is characterized by the possibility of connecting Czech Republic Email List multiple scholars through key workflows, thanks to the maintenance of profiles.

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