Delgado | October -de-autores-FIJI EMAIL LIST The socialization and dissemination of scientific work is a necessary aspect in the entire process of academic activity. Publicizing research and maintaining contact with the scientific community contributes to the growth of science. Readers, authors and FIJI EMAIL LIST reviewers, who in many cases coincide in the same person, make use of academic social networks to make their research profiles visible, however, until the arrival of FIJI EMAIL LIST , the reviewer’s work went unnoticed in these settings. Publons emerged in 2012 to highlight the figure of the reviewer and be able to connect them with scientific journals. It is, therefore, a virtual platform that records,

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validates and makes scientific reviews visible. To incorporate revisions to the FIJI EMAIL LIST profile, once registered, there are different possibilities: 1. The reviewer indicates that he has made a review in a journal and this is waiting for the journal to validate it (if the journal is registered on the platform). 2. The most recommended . Forward to FIJI EMAIL LIST the thank you email received by the journal at the end of a review. Publons will validate the email and automatically incorporate it into the profile. In addition to this, with the purchase of Publons by FIJI EMAIL LIST Analytics , it merged with ResearchID,


obtaining a powerful platform that integrates all the services for a FIJI EMAIL LIST .Choosing the magazine to publish an article Love Pérez-Rodríguez | October 12 2020 FIJI EMAIL LIST 146 The publication of a work involves a series of choices, one of them, and the most important, is the selection of the magazine . Usually it is done considering the scope of the study, the field of knowledge and the quality of the work. Frequently, there are other types of circumstances, less scientific, derived from academic pressures and the “need” to obtain a certain number FIJI EMAIL LIST of first-rate publications. The important thing is not to lose the sense of what the study

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