third evaluator to facilitate the decision to publish, and some, as in the case of the Comunicar journal , use 5 or more : “COMUNICAR acknowledges receipt of the papers sent by the Ivory Coast Phone Number List authors and periodically reports on the estimation / rejection process, as well as, in the case of revision, the blind evaluation process and later editing. The Board of Editors will then estimate the work for its Ivory Coast Phone Number List evaluation to the Board of Reviewers, checking if it is adapted to the theme of the journal and if it meets the publication standards. In this case, an external review will be carried out. Manuscripts will be evaluated anonymously ( double blind ) by five experts. In view of the external reports, the acceptance / rejection Ivory Coast Phone Number List of the articles for publication will be decided, as well as,

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if applicable, the need to introduce modifications. The term of Ivory Coast Phone Number List evaluation of works, once estimated for its review, is of maximum 100 days. The authors will receive the evaluation reports from the reviewers, anonymously, so that they can make the appropriate corrections Ivory Coast Phone Number List or replies, where appropriate. ” In the same way, each journal adjusts its evaluation criteria, and it is common for their websites to Ivory Coast Phone Number List explain how the process is developed, in addition, they provide guidelines to the reviewers to help them carry out the review and guarantee aspects that the journal considers priority. Regardless of Ivory Coast Phone Number List these guidelines for each journal, it is possible to

Ivory Coast Phone Number List

synthesize some common aspects that are invariably present in any evaluation Ivory Coast Phone Number List of a scientific manuscript: Scientific novelty Organization and representation of content Thematic relationship according to the magazine Relevance of the methods Homogeneity with the journal’s standards Correspondence between the different sections of the structure of a scientific article Methodological value Ivory Coast Phone Number List of the conclusions Proper use of scientific literature As mentioned above, the peer review method has received numerous criticisms and questions, including: Subjectivity Process delay Fraud Disciplinary, cultural, Ivory Coast Phone Number List regional bias among others Another problem around this process is the limited availability of reviewers,

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