do not forget a reason that we have already indicated in Saint Lucia Email List other entries: to fully comply with the rules for authors indicated by the journal in which we intend to publish our article. References as a quality criterion for an article Ana Pérez-| March Saint Lucia Email List The hallmark of a good investigator is the attention to detail that he pays in all the elements of his Saint Lucia Email List investigation. This equal consideration of all sections of a manuscript cultivates good habits that will result in optimal results. The preparation of an adequate, extensive and up-to-date bibliography focuses attention on the entire research procedure, furthermore, it aids scientific thinking and analysis and Saint Lucia Email List contributes.

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to improving research results. According to the American Saint Lucia Email List Psychological Association in its 7th Edition of APA Standards (2020): References are the guarantee to Saint Lucia Email List achieve academic excellence and the only guarantor to ensure the impact of the published work. References are allusions to the works of one or more authors on topics related to the research presented that are Saint Lucia Email List collected in an orderly manner at the end of the manuscript and whose presentation format may vary according to the regulations to which the publication is accepted. However, we can find different styles for references depending Saint Lucia Email List on the discipline: Sciences: ACS (chemistry), AIP (physics), AMS (mathematics),

Saint Lucia Email List

Harvard (biology and environmental); Law: APA , UNE-Saint Lucia Email List 690 ; Economics: Harvard ; Education: APA ; Humanities: Chicago (history, art, music), MLA (Saint Lucia Email List ); Medicine: Vancouver ; Polytechnic: IEEE ; Psychology: APA Quality . In this sense, the references used in an article Saint Lucia Email List will account for the quality of the manuscript. Detailing primary sources and published in high-impact journals ( WOS and SCOPUS ), indicative of the author’s degree of knowledge on the subject studied, will avoid a feeling of ignorance. Therefore, the references included in a scientific article are its cover letter, the Saint Lucia Email List science in which it is endorsed to seek scientific advancement. Academic legitimacy .

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