The “2021 E-commerce Study” of the World Association of Communication, Advertising and Digital Marketing, IAB Spain , reveals that 76% of Spanish Internet users between the ages of 16 and 70 already shop online.

This trend reflects the obligation that, today, brands have to invest in presence and notoriety on the network. Given this situation, it is essential to allocate economic resources in an efficient and measurable way to be able to evaluate the success of a campaign. In order to help companies, the 3AW agency has prepared a series of tips in order to invest resources intelligently to give your brand or company competitiveness in an increasingly specialized digital environment:

Have Smart Objectives

Specific (specific), Measurable (measurable), Achievable (attainable), Relevant (relevant) and Timely (temporary). Setting objectives based on these characteristics will allow us to develop our campaign in an orderly manner and measure email list of business opportunity seekers performance systematically, that is, to have absolute control of the work carried out and the results obtained.

Email Database

Choosing the ideal Buyer Persona. And sales history, or by creating it from scratch, using the what, who, when, where and why methodology. It is recommended that, at first, you create one or more buyer personas. And from there, as campaigns are carried out, use the data based on the buyer personas created to find our target more easily.

Perfect Balance Between Paid Media and Organic Media

While organic growth takes a lot of effort and time, paid traffic is more direct, but more expensive. For this reason, in the first place it is preferable to generate quality content organically. So that the paid campaign generates trust in your target audience. That is, find the right balance so that they mutually nurture each other.

Channel your efforts: diversifying channels and media asking yourself. Despite the fact that there are a priori more profitable platforms. Many brands are choosing to carry out paid campaigns on TikTok or Instagram. Where the short video format helps to capture the attention of the elusive Generation Z.

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