magazine, with 6 being the Spanish Q1 ones on this basis. Finally, the magazine “Maldives Email List ” is present in a third base, in the area of ​​”Communication” (, with 21 indexed journals, where this year, for the first time in many, it does not occupy the first place, Maldives Email List but the second, being “Review of Communication Research”, an incipient magazine in English, the one that leads the position with Maldives Email List some meager data: 5 indexed articles and 20 citations received, showing the bibliometric system one of its main shortcomings in the quantitative application, without a minimum of contrast. However, the correct interpretation of the data allows us to observe that “Maldives Email List ”

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maintains in this indexing the strength of its position in all the indicators except the Maldives Email List opaque SJR index: H-32, 432 citations and 120 documents published in the last three years , in a constant of 40 documents a year. Some clues to select the magazine to send our article to Angel Hernando | June 15 2020 -de-autores-134 Once the elaboration of the manuscript is finished, we Maldives Email List have to take the last step to publicize our research, try to publish the results of this in a scientific journal. Choosing the most appropriate magazine to send our article to in order to try to publish it is of the utmost importance Maldives Email List because, although the work done is good, if it is not done correctly, the possibility..

Maldives Email List

of it being published to us is reduced. Below are a series of clues that can Maldives Email List help in choosing the most suitable magazine for our work. Before starting with these remember, as we have indicated in another post from the School of Authors, the advice to flee from fraudulent or predatory magazines In the first place, it is necessary to Maldives Email List consult the thematic coverage of the magazine and the type of contributions it publishes, for this there is nothing better than reviewing its website where, if it is correctly carried out, we will find most of the aspects mentioned below. An element that Maldives Email List facilitates this search for the subject is the fact that the journal publishes monographs,

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