A new year means a fresh start. Also in the field of social media. It is therefore a good idea to check everything. Because let’s be honest, when was the last time you critically looked at the images on your social media channels? Is a refresh needed? Then you ensure a professional appearance with the right social media dimensions. Article with all social media dimensions. 6. Why long texts do work (and how to write them) Short texts are not necessarily better! A “long piece of text” sounds boring, but that doesn’t mean you should always avoid long texts. You just need to know how to write them.

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Bente Schreurs gives tips. A reaction to the article: “This article has grabbed my heart. I’ve been hearing around me for years that ‘nobody reads long texts anymore’. While I notice that longer stories (interviews, background stories, extensive Jordan Phone Number texts) often score well and have a lot of impact. In any case, I have the idea that amid all the social media violence, many people actually feel the need to deepen their knowledge. See, for example, the rise of podcasts.” Roll of brown paper to illustrate writing long texts 7. Hyperpersonalization & 3 Other Email Marketing Trends for 2022 What are interesting developments in email marketing?

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Joep van Ham names 4: hyperpersonalization, segmentation based on an RFM analysis, creating the right mix and template uplifts. Get inspired! Emails on a laptop. 8. Can you publish this photo? Memorize 7 terms You have found the perfect image or have it made, but can you just put this photo on your website? And what about the portrait rights of the person portrayed? take a picture 9. The 4 Different Types of Colleagues & How You Deal With Them Colleagues with different personalities and preferences may clash. Do you want to reach a successful and fun team? Understanding is the key. How do you deal with all these different types and which approach works?

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