Integral Ad Science, the world leader in digital media quality, has published its latest study. Titled Your Supply Path: The Expansion of SPO in Programmatic. It addresses the main challenges and opportunities for brands in an environment marked. On the one hand, by the increase in investment in programmatic advertising. Which continues to grow worldwide and is estimated to exceed 154,000 million dollars this year.

And on the other, because of the way in which agencies and advertisers are focusing on optimization in the purchase process or supply path optimization (SPO), thanks to which buyers of advertising space estimate the effectiveness of their suppliers on the supply side and identify opportunities to achieve greater transparency and innovation in digital media buying.

The Study Highlights Three High-Impact Trends for The Industry:

Video ads dominate programmatic buying and CTV and audio are on the rise: More than one in two advertisers (52%) say that more than half of their ad budget is spent on Lithuania telephone directory programmatic buying. While for 80% of them this expense represents a third or more.

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When it comes to programmatic buying formats, video ads are the most used, especially on
mobile and social channels. In the latter they represent 71%, followed by mobile web video (61%) and mobile app video (60%). On the other hand, emerging CTV and digital audio channels have room for growth in video ads, currently recording 38% and 37% respectively.

Transparency and Media Quality, the Main Preferences:

The study indicates that programmatic continues to lead media purchases. Thus, for 54% of advertisers, its use is based on the fact that it allows them to maximize the scope and scale of their digital campaigns. However, advertisers generally say that the main problem with programmatic buying is a lack of transparency (42%). Although in some specific cases brands and agencies disagree. Thus, almost 1.5 times more agency experts express concern about the increase in advertising fraud. A fact that is motivating many marketing professionals to implement strategies to optimize the purchase flow of their campaigns.

Checkout optimization (SPO) strategies are on the rise. Although brands and agencies disagree on who is responsible. 60% of digital ad buyers are already implementing SPO strategies to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns. And as these strategies grow, 95% of shoppers plan to double down on checkout optimization efforts by implementing verification technology from third-party vendors. Thus, 48% currently use or plan to implement verification technology from third-party providers with which to control and optimize their campaigns, so that they are more profitable and produced in high-quality media.

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