“The foundational tools and habits that form the foundation of the ‘metaverse’ are already in place ,” explains Naomi Troni, global chief marketing & growth office at Wunderman Thompson. “Only 38% of consumers may have heard of the ‘metaverse’ concept, but it’s time to define that ‘metaverse’ and lay out a roadmap for brands to enter the scene,” she adds.

Coined back in 1992 by writer Neal Stephenson in the novel Snow Crash. The “metaverse” has historically been associated with “gaming” and some of its most notable examples. Actually come from platforms like Roblox and Fortnite. But the “metaverse” is emancipating itself from the world of video games to become “mainstream” and play an absolutely fundamental role in connecting people across the globe.

According to Wunderman Thompson

Four main areas come together in the «metaverse»: MetaLives (which takes shape through digital property and content creation how to know person name by mobile number in india based on formats such as digital art and NFTs ); MetaSpaces (virtual scenarios or activations that amalgamate aspects of the digital world with elements of the real world); MetaBusiness (a space of which the thriving “advertising” is a part); and MetaSocieties (where people cultivate hyper-realistic identities in the network of networks).

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These four areas converge in the growing consumer dependence on technology. 64% of consumers confess that technology. Is a pillar in their social life and 61% go further. Say that their livelihood depends on the ubiquitous technology. Additionally, 52% of consumers link their own happiness to technology.

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