Creating content is empathetic work. You have to put yourself well in your target groups. What do they want to know? What prior knowledge do they already have on the subject? And what questions are they looking for an answer to? You can conduct interviews or surveys for this. Don’t have time for that? Then do online research. In addition, it helps to keep in mind someone you know, who falls under the target group. Your mother, for example. Or your neighbor. What would they like to know about the subject? 5. Give concrete examples Suppose you write an article about the environmental vision of a municipality . Most abstract.

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If you google this, you will come across complicated terms such as ‘physical living environment’ and ‘strategic policy’. While ‘environmental vision’ is simply about our houses, streets, sidewalks and playgrounds. Therefore use Malaysia Phone Number recognizable words, which we all know. Look for concrete examples and give them a place in your content. 6. Take a good look at the subject Think back to your high school days. Have you ever tried to bluff your way through a history test by writing down some complicated terms? So that the teacher thought you understood? Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true. In addition to your target group, you also have to delve into the subject.

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Do you find yourself not understanding what you are writing? This is often reflected in the content. It is usually vague or abstract. So make sure you know exactly what a topic is about. Do you have any questions yourself? Then ask Google or an expert. Chances are that readers have the same question as you. Writing content 7. Choose an appealing shape You give boring subjects more meaning by packaging them in appealing shapes or formats. Do’s and don’ts work well, for example, as does the format . 5 reasons why … And have you ever thought of an ABC to explain complicated terms about your product or service?

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