. The objectives of the title are: Describe the content of the article in Thailand Email List a specific, clear, exact, brief and concise way. Allow the reader to easily identify the content of the work Help information managers (documentary makers, librarians, etc.) to catalog and classify the material accurately . Attract the reader . The title , like the rest of the identifying sections Thailand Email List (abstract, keywords, DOI, etc.), must be composed once the work is complete . The ability to explain the content prevails over its conciseness, and yet a title must be brief. The main error of a title is that it is disconnected from the reality of the study it Thailand Email List represents , that it indicates that something has been done that has not really been achieved.

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That the reader finishes reading a work and is disappointed because what was promised has not been fulfilled. Manuel Alejandro Thailand Email List classified the errors of the titles in three categories; clarity, conciseness and over-explanation (which in a way is a conciseness error).Thailand Email List Clarity errors : correct syntax and vocabulary within reach of readers Use ambiguous, vague words. Using jargon, gibberish. Use abbreviations and acronyms Concise errors : Brevity in the way of expressing the concepts, that is, the effect of expressing them correctly and exactly with the fewest possible words. Thailand Email List Too long (exceed 15 words). Too short (telegraphic and unspecific titles).

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Excess of prepositions and articles. Unnecessary use of subtitles Thailand Email List Over-explanation errors : Repetitive and useless statement or exposition of a concept, which is taken for granted. Examples: “Study” on … Research “on …” Report “of … “Contribution” to … “Results of a study” on … “Thailand Email List Analysis of the results” of …Facing the challenge of publishing a scientific article implies knowledge of the aspects related to its formal presentation, since being an author also implies mastering the techniques that help to read and understand it. As stated by Griffies, Perrie & Hull ( Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Thailand Email List Journal Articles ), not all researchers are trained in the appropriate writing style for scientific articles,

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