which generates an express ranking for the journals by Malaysia WhatsApp Number List positions and quartiles for each subject area. Limitations: It is only calculated for journals indexed in the Science Citation Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Index and Social Science Citation Index of the Web of Science. It is very sensitive to manipulations such as self-citations, that is, a journal could corrupt its articles by modifying them to obtain more citation, even when other similar indicators: IPP, Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Journal Rank, , H-Index and SNIP Bibliography Garfield Citation indexes for science; a new dimension in through association of ideas1Malaysia WhatsApp Number List .Citing articles from the literature to support a research report to be published in a journal is a necessary practice.

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The inclusion of pertinent, adequate and timely citations allows the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List author to place the work presented in the state of the art of knowledge on the subject of the article. Within these Malaysia WhatsApp Number List necessary citations are the self-citations, which are the citations that the author or authors make to their own works. In this regard there are several positions, at the extremes are some people Malaysia WhatsApp Number List who think that it is quite unseemly to quote yourself, claiming that this is an infamous self-promotion of their works. At the other Malaysia WhatsApp Number List extreme, there are those who consider that they should not cite others other

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

than themselves, arguing that their work is the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List most important in the area, and within these extremes several intermediate positions. It is true that the citation of a work is Malaysia WhatsApp Number List a recognition of scientific value (sometimes negative, but also valid) of a published work, which forms the basis of the new one that it presents, so that the self-citation is equivalent to self-recognition Malaysia WhatsApp Number List of the value of our work that others should do. But sometimes self-citations are necessary when: the works previously published by the author himself (especially when he individually or the research group to which he belongs Malaysia WhatsApp Number List has spent many years researching and publishing in an area),

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