The service blueprint method can be by anyone. It is a tool with which you first map out the ideal customer journey, and then map out step by step what is needed to realize that customer journey. With the service blueprint methodology we go through a number of steps: Theme and definition : we determine the scope of the issue we want to tackle. What exactly do we want to achieve? Personas: we define personas that serve as a model for part of the target group. We ask ourselves: who are we going to put ourselves in? User stories: we determine for which part of the process we will map the ideal customer journey. Customer journey: we think about the ‘ideal’ flow that people go through in the process.

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From the perspective of the customer. We look at all the steps that someone takes and what that look like in an ideal situation. We do this together with Iceland Phone Number and professionals. In this step we can fully dream about the ideal situation. No idea is put on hold in advance, everything is possible here! I want here we gain insight into requirements . We think about what the persona needs to be able to take every step in the customer journey. For example: does the persona want to be able to choose themselves, or does the persona want help?

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We map the ‘I want’s’ for each individual step. Service blueprint: with the steps from the ideal customer journey and the ‘I want’s’ we will look at what is to realize this. In short: what is to get from the current situation to the desired situation? We call this total overview a service blueprint. Consequences: we ultimately decide what to be or done to improve the steps in the customer journey. This can be about everything from information and systems to content and functionalities. This brings the ideal situation closer and closer.

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