Reminder: what are ad customizers?
For those new to paid search, ad customizers , so far only available on Google Ads PPC campaigns , are dynamic ad-level configurable elements that allow an ad to be dynamically modified based on criteria. accurate to create dozens or even hundreds of variants through one source data stream.

Ad customizers therefore allow Google and Bing Ads account managers to save valuable time in creating, modifying and updating their ads. This option is all the more appreciated when hundreds or even thousands of ads are to be managed daily (for large e-commerce sites for example).

Ads Customizer Example

A concrete example of the use of ad customizers on Google Ads (same principle as Bing Ads)
Bing Ads Ads Customizer: How does Mongolia B2B list work? What concrete possibilities? Concretely, the new Bing Ads ad customizer that can now be added to ads in Bing’s PPC campaigns follows this format:

Email Database

{=FeedName.AttributeName: Default}
By using this type of customizer, it is for example possible:

For instance, Automatically add keywords to the ad (titles or descriptions). Dynamically add the keyword searched by the Internet user to the ad. To vary a product name displayed in the ad. Automatically add a price to an ad. Automatically include the number of products present in a category in an ad text. Dynamically integrate geolocation into ad texts. The possibilities for customizing ads with the ad customizer are almost endless since it is possible to dynamically integrate any text or data from a feed into your ads.

Bing Ads: Ads with Ad Customizer Can Be Import from Google Ads

No need to create them directly in Bing Ads if your current strategy is to completely duplicate your ads. Auctions and campaigns from Google Ads to Bing Ads, a simple import of ads with ad. Customizers will be enough to make them now available too in your Bing Ads sponsored links campaigns.

In conclusion, A few things to know about Bing Ads ad customizers. They can be use anywhere in the ad texts EXCEPT in the URL. Default values ​​are not mandatory but highly recommended. To avoid displaying incomplete or meaningless ads. You can import your existing Google Ads campaigns/ads with ad customizers. These are compatible with those of Bing Ads (the import can be done in one shot or can be scheduled to run every X days for example)

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