The health crisis has led companies to speed up their digitization and innovation processes. Which has proven to be an excellent tool for turbulent times. This has been reflected in the latest report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In which pharmaceutical companies have obtained very good results. Joining the technological and software entities that continue to dominate the ranking. Among the main conclusions of the study we find that barely 20% of the companies. In the world have developed the necessary innovation systems to transform their ambitious aspirations into real results. To this we must add that the brands that are more prepared. In this area have up to four times more possibilities of surpassing their competitors in terms of income.

The Most Developed Companies in Innovation

In addition to 33 names that endure from last year, the 2021 list includes 12 companies that have returned to the top 50 after at least a Peru B2B list year of absence. As expected, technology and software companies continue to lead the ranking. Thus, at the top are Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Tesla.

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The top 10 is completed by Samsung, IBM, Huawei, Sony and Pfizer. The latter is one of the pharmaceutical companies that have had a strong presence, along with Moderna (position 42), AstraZeneca (49) or Bayer (50), a clear reflection of the health crisis. Among the following in the list, which you can observe in more detail below these lines, are Siemens, LG, Facebook, Alibaba, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, Target, HP and Johnson & Johnson.

Innovation Companies Ranking

The United States continues to lead when it comes to country breakdown with 27 companies in the top 50. Europe has 11, down four from last year, largely due to its relative lack of tech and software firms. However, it maintained its results in other sectors such as the automotive, medical technology, pharmaceutical, industrial and fashion sectors. For its part, China only got four places , but more and more multinationals from this country are making a dent in the list.

Perhaps most concerning in the report is the innovation systems readiness gap. With 80% of companies failing to meet the BCG benchmark. According to this, this hole closed by increasing the degree of commitment on the part of senior management. Creating a greater link between the product and sales teams.

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