or the editor, and in the cells in the second column the answer we give them. Bermuda Email List Some magazines indicate that it is marked in yellow or that the change control is used for the second or third versions. Others may request that a new updated version be uploaded to the article management platform. If this is not the case, the paragraph and line where the change has been made Bermuda Email List must be clearly identified so that in the second round of review the evaluators can verify the modification, facilitating their work. In the final wording, of the response to the synthesis report that the editor has sent us, we must be very careful with the language that is used and be respectful at all times. You should go to the editor, Bermuda Email List who is the one who will have sent us the email with the change proposals,

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and start the email by thanking both their work and that of the reviewers with Bermuda Email List phrases such as “the changes proposed by the reviewers have allowed us to significantly improve our manuscript. … ”. Some journals, such as Bermuda Email List , clearly specify to the reviewers, in their Code of Ethics, the way in which they should address the authors “The peer review will be carried out in an objective manner. No personal judgment about the authors of the contributions is considered adequate. Reviewers are obliged to give sufficient reasons for their evaluations… ”. Bermuda Email List But if this is not the case, if in the reviews you see aspects regarding personal judgments against you as authors, do not ”

Bermuda Email List

get into the rag” in the discussion, as the correct thing to do is to contact the Bermuda Email List editor in charge and expose the comments. What must be produced and prevail is the scientific debate. It is also convenient to know and use the review template (if the journal publishes Bermuda Email List it) that the reviewers use as it can give us clues when answering. Finally, comment that it is not a good idea, if the report is very negative, answer immediately, hot, but it is convenient, since they will give us a period for our reply, allow a few days of “rest” and then start the correction and response process. Tweet Bermuda Email List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article

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