what is better to be a blogger or a vlogger? What are the differences between a blog and a vlog? read on and learn to distinguish these two concepts. What is a blog? Blogs are creation spaces that, unlike vlogs, contain mainly written information , in addition to delving into a specific topic. Normally, behind a blog there is usually an original content creator who is capable of writing and communicating his ideas and knowledge so that they are available to everyone. Blogs can be of many topics. Therefore, we must stay with the concept: Blog = Written.

The role of a blog is to allow readers or users to actively participate with their comments and can serve to publish ideas, emotions and can be focused on the professional field. As a result of these terms and technological advances, new professions Georgia whatsapp number list are born, such as the concept of blogger or bloggers. We refer to a blogger to define those people who spend their work or free time writing on websites or blogs that are originally structured as articles, intertwined with each other and constantly updated. They are always written informally and subjectively. What is a vlog?

for Their Part, Vlogs Are Pages

merge the text format with the video format. In its beginnings, vlogs were those videos that were included within the texts published on blogs, but over time and with the rise of platforms such as YouTube, a vlog is no longer an extra for the written content, but it is the piece principal. A vlogger is dedicated to creating quality content with videos following a chronological sequence. Unlike bloggers, vloggers do not write long articles with links and eye-catching headlines, they only define a short text and a title in a video description box.

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It can be said that video bloggers change paragraphs.  And words and for a video in which they usually have a conversation with the camera.  Talking about specific topics or tell how a special day or event has passed. Differences between blog and vlog The biggest difference between.  A blog and a vlog is that in one you write and in the other the content is from.  The hand of the videos in a vlog all the content is 100% multimedia. However, doubts about the content may arise. Can vlogs and blogs have the same content? Partly yes and partly no.

There Are Many Written Blogs

That use YouTube to upload videos with the same content of the written blog but told in a more dynamic and different way. However, despite the definition, these videos are not considered vlogs per se, but videos with valuable content that provide knowledge. Vlogs are videos that tell the day to day and the routine of a normal person. All of us who are in the world of marketing know that the important thing today is to make the people who read us, follow us, our potential customers, have to identify with our service/product. We know that we must enter more through the heart than through the eyes.

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