Despite all that has been commented in relation to the Turkey Email List citation of works by various authors, the specific regulations of the journal must always be borne in mind when publishing an article, since, although in social sciences they usually make use of APA, there may be aspects that differ from this.One of the main difficulties when writing a scientific article is Turkey Email List adapting our style – which is part of our identity – to the narrative styles of scientific journals. It is very common to find novice researchers writing articles with endless paragraphs, composed of juxtaposed, coordinated and subordinate sentences, direct, indirect and circumstantial complements and, in addition, with semicolons (;) to separate ideas, Turkey Email List painting with these signs -as if it were a canvas- his first operas .

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Correct grammar and punctuation ensure clear communication Turkey Email List of ideas, while improving the structure of the arguments presented in the article, ergo ensuring readability and understanding. We must not forget that an article has a pedagogical and persuasive purpose. L to simplicity tends to significantly improve the quality of ideas exhibition Of course, each area of ​​knowledge is Turkey Email List a world: It is not the same to write for a literature or history magazine (Arts and Humanities), than for “hard” science magazines, such as physics or mathematics. In the first case, we will probably find grandiloquent paragraphs and linguistic Turkey Email List ornaments in a manuscript that can have more than 12 thousand words,

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while in the second case the concise wording is more common, Turkey Email List which goes directly to the problem, its solution and conclusions. and in which complex sentences with many complements are not abundant -because they are unnecessary. In short: subject, verb and Turkey Email List predicate. In the case of Social Sciences, our writing style is usually a hybrid in extension, structure (the most common IMRDC) and linguistics, since our sciences and disciplines force us to introduce the subject and justify it, review the state of the question, explain the methods, analyze the results and present the conclusions and Turkey Email List discussions, all this through the use of our language,

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