in other words, the magazines are going to publish a few works out Paraguay Email List of the hundreds or thousands that are going to be produced, at least the good magazines, which are finite. The problem is that these trends are also accompanied by an element of great expiration, that is, if the authors cannot publish in the monographs enabled for this topic, and they will have it difficult due Paraguay Email List to the great competitiveness, the more difficult it will be ” place “these works in other generic journals that are going to receive the second wave of articles, that of those rejected in the monographs, since the general magazines will Paraguay Email List obviously restrict the subject matter on this topic. ¿

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Who will be the authors achieve their goal ? Well, very simply, those who Paraguay Email List were working successfully on these issues , those who do not have to deviate excessively their line of research to study the phenomenon, that is, in the case of the coronavirus, the references in virtual teaching, political communication, health communication and all the topics Paraguay Email List from which the area can be analyzed (and the editors of the monographs). ¿ Who will fail? Well, the legion of researchers who, without knowing the theories and techniques of the area, begin to investigate Covid19 and its consequences in this Paraguay Email List matter, with the objectivity of those who do not know the field, producing simple and

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poorly contextualized works, in other words, is It is quite difficult for someone who does not find scientific success in their area to find it in this “opportunity”, but on the Paraguay Email List contrary they will have wasted time and resources. The reality is that, for many monographs, the reference journals will be the ones that end up bringing together the best articles , since they are the Paraguay Email List priority option for researchers. In the area of ​​Communication, the priority option will be the magazines best positioned in the reference databases, magazines such as Comunicar or El Profesional de la Paraguay Email List , the latter has already warned that this topic has a place in its Miscellaneous section and those that exceed

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