Big and expressive eyes, small mouth, round and red cheeks… These are some of the changes with which, thanks to Voilà AI Artist. Millions of people have become a cartoon or Renaissance paintings. This application has achieved eleven million downloads worldwide, according to June data from Sensor Tower , and has revenues of $ 200 million.

“Both Voilà AI Artist and FaceApp use emerging AI systems and mathematical formulas to transform users’ faces,” he explains.Sergio de Juan-Creix , collaborating professor at the UOC’s Department of Information and Communication Sciences and an expert in advertising law.

Types of Applications Arrive in A Wave of Popularity

That causes many people around the world to download them to “play” with their own face or that of others, and the popularity of the company number germany moment makes them put privacy aside . This is precisely one of the most critical issues around this application.

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«The company will «learn» with the use that users make of the app. And will feed its algorithms to improve them, that is. With all this information it is possible to obtain generic information on the behavior of users and their facial expressions. Which can help to develop in future more sophisticated AI tools. Not only for this commercial purpose —apparently fun— of changing your face, but for other different purposes”, explains Sergio de Juan-Croix. Another important point that helps its popularity is that it is free. For Mònica Vilasau , professor at the UOC’s Law and Political Science Department , it is the hook she uses to encourage downloads.

Popularity and Ignorance Can Lead

The rush, popularity and ignorance can lead us to accept little restrictive clauses with our intimacy or privacy.  It is important to read the privacy policies and make sure, at least, that these companies do not transfer data to countries. With regulations that do not offer guarantees similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

“If they are located in the European Union, we know, at least. That they apply the GDPR and that they are subject to closer control by the competent authorities,” says de Juan-Croix. It is important that the privacy policy allows. Among others, to exercise our right of access to know what our data is being processed. Even get a copy in certain cases.

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