Grupo CAHER, a leading company in activating sales through point of sale management in Spain. And Portugal that offers comprehensive trade marketing and marketing services in the FMCG. Pharma, Hospitality, Technology, Toys and Textile sectors, has received a SAP software developer award in EMEAA. For its Caher Analytics application. The tool allows you to obtain key information from the point of sale in a very intuitive, reliable and fast way for its correct management.

Caher Analytics Offers Great Productivity

And reliability to its clients. Through code image recognition, the application allows you to obtain an overview of the point of sale, analyzing the products on display, their stock quantity and existing promotions, as well as verifying whether Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List each brand has the agreed space. Grupo CAHER obtains the necessary information so that its teams can subsequently carry out the necessary actions aimed at boosting sales. The app also contains a pre-sale module for placing orders.

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Integrable with other client tools. Caher Analytics has been developed by Grupo CAHER. And allows data reporting times to be reduce by up to 70%. With a simple and intuitive interface, the information collected is transferred to business intelligence systems such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

Caher Analytics Was Born in Response

To the need of one of our clients who asked us to minimize. The time needed to report information and thus have much more time to manage business opportunities at the point of sale.

“Caher Analytics is a great tool for Grupo CAHER but also for our clients. The information that we obtain with this application allows us not only to maximize the results of the brands. But also to carry out the different agreements with which they have reached with the distributors ”. Reflects Salvador Arsuaga, CEO of Grupo CAHER.

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