The current dilemma: differences in wealth and profit maximization Thus, over the past hundreds of years, corporations have played an important role in building our human civilization, which has never been so rich. But at the same time, they are now creating major problems that have a strong negative impact on our society. Such as large differences in wealth and the very negative social consequences that result from profit maximization.

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The new organizational forms are also still centrally coordinated. This makes the differences between the participants within such an Slovenia Phone Number even greater. We see the large differences in pay between employees and drivers of Uber, but also, for example, that the top 1.4% of musicians on Spotify collect 90% of the royalties . Where in the beginning companies provided structure in our society, this now seems to cause a divisiveness in various areas.

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This, combined with the rapidly increasing loneliness and ‘ the great resignation. Has ensured that DAOs have become popular at a rapid pace. DAOs address many shortcomings of current companies, such as the maximum focus on profit, the barriers to entry and the large difference in remuneration between shareholders, management and employees. What are Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)? DAOs are basically organizations

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