Catalonia and Madrid are the two Spanish regions where the largest number of businesses offering electronic commerce are located. This is indicated by the latest study presented by Shopify , a leading global company in commerce.

Taking into account the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic during most of the year 2020, Shopify has decided to analyze the impact of digitization in Spain by examining where its stores are located throughout the country. The analysis offers an approximation of the current state of digitization through a sample of the top 1,000 e-commerce businesses that are on the Shopify platform in terms of GMV (Gross Merchandise Value , which refers to the total amount of product or service sales over a period of time).

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With 30% and an increase of 3% compare to 2019, Catalonia is the Spanish region where the largest number of businesses with e-commerce is concentrate. It is followed by the Panama WhatsApp Number List Community of Madrid with 24% of the total, which shows that, for the second consecutive year, it has lost some businesses, decreasing by 3% since 2018 and 1% since 2019.
The third most popular among ecommerce merchants is Valencia , which in 2020 represented 13% of merchants.

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Andalusia appears in fourth place, with 10% of the total (in 2019 it had 11%).
In fifth position is the Basque Country with 4% of businesses, maintaining the same ratio as in the previous year.

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In conclusion, Verifying that almost 20% of the remaining companies have their headquarters. Either in the Islands (Balearic and Canary Islands, together representing 5%). Or in other regions of the country that include areas of the so-called “empty Spain” , distributed between Andalusia. The two Castillas, Extremadura, Galicia and La Rioja.

After that, “The growth figures for e-commerce on our platform in recent months show that something is changing in the business. And work model of many companies in Spain. Thanks to e-commerce, the possibilities of selling are not limite to the closest radius of influence. Where the business is located, but more and more people are selling outside their region. And even outside our borders”, says Kintxo Cortés, Head of Business Development for Shopify in Spain.

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