If your computer has audio output. Connect from a computer. Avoid doing it from a cell phone or tablet. 2. On April 6. at 8:15 am. go to your email and click on the link that you will receive from the Publish email. Log in 15 minutes early so you don’t miss a minute of the training. 3. Participate actively during the event using the hashtag #publicardigital and you can win one of the prizes that we will award to the most active participants. One of the reasons for concern for entrepreneurs is to ensure that their business is maintained over the years and that it is at the forefront of the market. For that reason. what better way to learn how to do it than with the history of a company that has stood for more than 30 years .

Despite the difficulties and changes in the industry. We spoke with Gustavo Adolfo Zapata. Manager of Rotoplas SA . a national company. based in Medellin. and which today is a benchmark in the rotational molding industry not only in Colombia. but in several countries. 1-rotoplast.png Rotoplas was born as a mining business. in a small workshop managed by one of the partners. when the opportunity arose to find a quality product for gold exploitation. which allowed a rotational molding machine to be brought to Colombia for the first time. This renowned company has carried out different successful practices and today they share them with our readers.

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Know the market “We wanted to innovate Tunisia whatsapp number list we tested many products. We carried out different market studies and we began to have several product lines that met various needs. That is how we had the first plastic tank in the country around the year 90. Those desires to grow and create industry made us fail in several projects. but also be very successful in others; We develop products for farmers. aquatic products. decorative products and desks. We have been very restless in looking for products that replace other alternatives on the market”. And one of the reasons that Gustavo comments that has helped them get ahead and that is essential for a business. is to be aware of the needs of the market.

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“That has been the success and that is how we have come to this day. focusing on three lines of business: water. agriculture and institutional.” 2. Build history 3-rotoplast.png The Rotoplas company began processing 5 tons per month. with 6 people on its payroll and one machine. Currently there are 230 employees. 280 tons are processed and revenues amount to more than $35.000 million a year. They started with 500 square meters of space and now they have just built their new 7.000 m warehouse. they have a presence throughout the country through authorized distributors and their production unit is located in Medellín. a plant for greater efficiency in the processes.

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Gustavo has been in the company for 29 years. A family business with three shareholders. including brothers and brothers-in-law. His father was a manager and he worked at the plant until he was appointed manager 18 years ago. 3. Innovation. Technology and knowledge “We have brought young people with new knowledge and methodologies. With whom we analyze the market and trends; we have a design and development department that reports. To technical management and a marketing department that reports to commercial management.

Have been developing our strategic plan with the participation of all areas and we are defining the future of the company. We must know how to focus and not get distracted in doing everything. Because we already have a clear focus and. We must use the resources effectively. do it better and better and not remain static”. Innovation . a key point to make it different and stand out. Mistakes We have had cycles in which there have been immense opportunities and we have taken advantage of them. As we have also faced difficult moments that seemed like an opportunity to us. But that due to lack of planning we could not carry out satisfactorily.

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