That is why certain brands use this color in their marketing campaigns, to give visual strength to the logo, such as coca cola. Red highlights texts, so it is also important to take into account a matching background so that it stands out. The psychology of color when we talk about the meaning of colors in marketing we cannot ignore the color blue. This color is appropriate for companies that try to convey calm and confidence, however in darker tones it represents elegance and freshness.For technological elements and the personal hygiene sector. It is the perfect color, since it is a color.  That conveys cleanliness and safety. The psychology of color green is another of the basics.  When we talk about the meaning.  Of colors in Cayman islands whatsapp number list marketing. This color has traditionally been used to refer to natural and ecological values. Green is a very versatile color that also refers to good deeds and by transmitting peace it is quite pleasing to the eye.

The Psychology of Color Yellow

Has become fashionable in the world of marketing, the reason being that it powerfully attracts attention by itself, although it is true that it can sometimes repel if applied in excess. Very appropriate for products for children since it transmits happiness and luminosity. The psychology of color orange is considered a color that transmits values ​​related to energy, which is why many products related to sports and vitamins use it as a resource.

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It is a warm color that is not as aggressive as red. And it is ideal for the young public, since it generates confidence and is related to adventure. The psychology of color purple is a color with high values ​​such as royalty. Spirituality or the mysterious. A color that can as cold or warm at the same time. And therefore can be used for many purposes in marketing. The psychology of color pink is a color associated with the feminine.  Soft and elegant at the same time.

Products Related to Children

It is also for, although it is also increasingly being in products at men. The psychology of color the brown color represents, like green, the natural, associated with earth or wood. Many food companies use it precisely because it is an inconspicuous color. In addition, it is  above all with brands, within the world of food. With its own products, such as chocolate or . The psychology of color the white color symbolizes purity.

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