Taboola, the world leader in content recommendations for the open web, which helps people discover things they might like, today announces a major update to SmartBid, its artificial intelligence technology that helps advertisers maximize the performance of their automated campaigns.

The Smart Bid Tool Was Released

It uses data from reading patterns in global campaigns that reach more than 500 million daily active users, in addition to algorithms powered by machine learning, to adjust advertisers’ bids and maximize the performance of each campaign. Currently, according to qatar mobile phone number data corresponding to the third quarter of this year, SmartBid technology is used in 85% of Taboola’s total ad spend. During this time SmartBid has utilized the great scalability and size of the Taboola network.

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As Was Usual in The Digital Sector

SmartBid has been analyzing the performance of each site in order to optimize. The price that an advertiser had to pay for each impression. And if a media-generated fewer conversion for a given campaign, SmartBid technology-adjusted the price downwards, or vice versa. But advertisers are involve in the process. So that other factors taken into account, such as geographical area, time, day of the week. Environment (mobile, app, etc.), operating system, creativity, etc.

However, starting today, and with the launch of SmartBid Dimensions, Taboola is launching a new solution that studies all the specific factors for each campaign and makes it possible to automate the entire bid optimization process for advertisers.

At the same time, SmartBid Dimensions enables advertisers to combine contextual data. Such as demographics, with data such as reading. From Taboola’s 500 million daily active users and 30 billion annual clicks, which were previously inaccessible to them. “It is very important”, says Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder of Taboola. To help advertisers to make their campaigns successful because this is directly related to the fact. That the media also have it and it is what allows the progress of the campaign. open website. SmartBid is one of the world’s most sophisticated AI technologies. Now providing advertisers with an autonomous. Autopilot-like experience where a machine drives itself by simply keeping one hand on the wheel.

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