That a Facebook Live has more potential than a publication and that video tweets are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than text and even GIFs. That is why an important part of your digital strategy and the way you will tell stories to your followers must be in video format and the more natural it is. the more honest it will look. In addition. making videos for Instagram Stories or a live broadcast on Facebook does not require large investments. smartphones are enough to have thousands of views. Once again. the trick is more in creativity than resources. 4. Learn from what the competition is doing Knowing the best times to publish on networks and the type of content that users like may require a lot of trial and error.

So Socialblade is a free online tool to analyze what content is more or less successful on YouTube (themes. approaches. quality. format. products or anything else). It is very useful to guide those who want to launch new projects on YouTube looking towards profitability. since most of the big YouTube channels have a lot of work behind them that will have to be monetized. twitter-1.jpg 5. Automated responses Previously. companies would invest large amounts of money in phones and people to have a good customer service line that would give immediate response to user complaints. questions and suggestions. Currently with Chatbots like those offered by Facebook for its Messenger.

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It is not necessary to invest in so much Taiwan whatsapp number list and equipment. The chatbots are in charge of answering the user’s questions and interventions instead of looking for those answers on the company’s website. If you want to delve into these strategies. get inspired by great entrepreneurs who started from the bottom like Daymond John. renowned investor of the program ´negotiating with sharks´; and learn much more about the trends and future of digital marketing. we are waiting for you this March 28 and 29 at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo . Given the impressive success achieved in its previous versions. in which it was attended by thousands of businessmen from countries such as Colombia. Peru. Chile. Argentina. Panama. Guatemala. Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Taiwan whatsapp number list

The Webinar Digital Day. by Publish. has already It is part of a tradition that. as such. Us to continue improving what has been done in previous editions and to continue positioning it as one of the virtual.  Events with the greatest scope and importance both in Colombia and in Latin America. For this reason. today we can say that if the previous versions of the. WDD managed to cause a great impact on the attendees. The one we are preparing for this April 6 will surely do so even more. Here are some reasons why you and your team can’t miss the eight hours of training offered by this webinar and. Additionally. we explain what it is (in case you don’t know what it is yet).

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The Digital Day Webinar. what it is and why you can’t miss it. It is a space aim especially at small and medium-size entrepreneurs. In it. they will receive training in marketing and leadership issues from renowned experts and speakers; people who. Because they have extensive experience in their field or have been successful as entrepreneurs. Are in a position to give you valuable advice and pass on wonderful experiences. All this from a virtual environment that will allow you to attend. The event from anywhere with an Internet connection and. Best of all: 100% free! Below. all the details of the event so that it can be schedule from now on.

Date and Time Colombia. Mexico. Peru. Ecuador. Panama: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Guatemala. Nicaragua. Webinar Digital Day Topics that are in vogue today and from which SMEs can take great advantage. Such as those related to Big Data management. personal branding and sales strategies on social networks. Will be part of this webinar. in addition to those that have accompanied in previous versions. Much more focused on marketing strategy and leadership.

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